Tired of losing sales, or just wish your website was actually getting you new business?

Discover How To Increase Your Conversions And Make More Sales With A Website Audit … 

The MAD Guarantee: If You Don’t Get A 300% Return Within 3 Months*, I Will Personally Refund You The Full Cost Of Your Audit.
  • Turn more leads into sales
  • Rank better in search results
  • Pay less for many online ads
  • Improve your site design
  • Increase your ROI on any advertising

The biggest challenge businesses face when looking for a new website, or looking to upgrade an existing one, is who to do the work. This is actually much harder to get right that you may think.

The problem is this… Most web developers fall into one of two categories, either designers or programmers. This means your website can look great, or it can function well. (Rarely have I met a techie that is great with design.) 

Some companies will use both a designer and a programmer, and others will have coders use nice out of the box templates. But, none of them consult a marketer.

(Worse are those businesses that try to do it themselves. For better or for worse, many simple website builder platforms have got people building their own ‘cheap’ sites. This is great for a hobby, and though users maybe impressed by their own work, they are rarely professional. If you are running a business and want professional results, then use an expert.) 

This is a major problem. You see your website is the heart of your online presence. In today’s world, even the majority of offline businesses are found online. That means if your website is not getting found, or converting the traffic that does come to it, then you are losing between 60 and 90% of your potential business.

What most offline businesses do not realize is that their website is much more than an online brochure. The pages it has, or does not have, and what is on those pages, will affect how well you get found in the search engines, local business results, and how much you will pay for online advertising (such as Google and Facebook Ads).

Of course, if you are getting ranked better, or paying less for your ads, you can get more potential customers to your site. But it does not stop there…

Any good real estate company or car yard knows all too well that not all sales people are created equally. Some people just convert prospects to sales far better than others. And so it is with websites. 

Your website is often the first (and in most cases, the last) point of contact for someone interested in doing business with you. Obviously, if your site is not professional, or does not give them what they are looking for, chances are they will go elsewhere. But there are also many other factors that can improve the chances of securing a new customer (or increase the likelihood of loosing one).

Unfortunately, even professional web agencies make many of these mistakes all the time. For example, sliders (those big sections at the top of a website that have multiple images on rotation). Sliders actually lose you sales. A surprisingly high number of sales!

There are multiple reasons for this, including the way people use a website and the load speed of the site. The bottom line is though, sliders will result in you paying more for your advertising, reduce your position in the search results, and decrease your conversions for people who do make it to your site.

And yet both web agencies (even many that claim they offer marketing services) and business owners love them. Why? Because they look nice, and because they don’t know better. But, the purpose of your website is not just to look nice. It is to get you sales. 

Of course, it is not just sliders. Everything from the position of your phone number, the types of images and colours used, the text on your site, the style of your menu, the structure of your content, the font’s you use, along with a host of other details all have an impact.

That’s where a website audit comes in.

We will take a look at your site, and tell you what can be done to improve the results from your web presence. This is no automated or ‘one set of rules fits all’ approach audit. It is a professional, experienced, and individual look to see which design and conversions rules you can break (for good reason), and which really need fixing.

We understand you want to see a financial return on any investment like this, as you should. And we are confident that we can deliver on this requirement. In fact, if you don’t get at least a 300% return on your investment within 3 months of implementing the changes, just say so for a full refund*. (How many people in the web design or even the marketing world offer that?)

So what do I get exactly?

A full custom report (manually created, unlike many low quality automated audits) with screenshots of your site, along with the recommend changes for each element of the site. Explanations as to why you should make the changes, and what kind of a difference you can expect to see from them. 

Recommendations that will help you to make fundamental changes to your website that will help increase you your ranking in the search engines, and help lower the cost per click you pay on Google and Facebook Ads. 

General design suggestions to help improve the look and professionalism of your site, as well as its usability. (It is amazing how many web developers miss really simple design rules, such as balancing spacing, using proper colour and/or font combinations, or making content too wide for the page.)

Further suggestions on the technology being used, your servers and the security of your site. While these are not the focus of the report, and this is not a full security audit, we will report anything we find that may help improve your sites performance and results, or that may be putting it at risk. 

Our ‘300% Return On Investment’ guarantee*, giving you the confidence that this is one investment that will continue to pay you back for years to come.

And how much does an audit cost?

The cost is easy. Technically there is no ‘cost’ (that is, it won’t lose you money) – it is a guaranteed investment (so long as you implement the recommendations).

Okay, so how much is the investment? 

A complete audit is just $1,495 (New Zealand Dollars). And, once the changes are made, you will continue to benefit from them indefinitely. This means that your web audit is an investment that will continue to provide an ongoing return for years to come.

How long will it take?

Please allow 5 working days for your report to be complete. (If you need it sooner, a 48hr express service is available for an additional $195 on request after booking.)

Okay, I get it. Makes sense. How to get started?

Easy, click the button below to book your site audit. After checkout you will be directed to a short form requiring some basic details. If we need any more information, we will soon be in touch, otherwise sit back, relax, and wait for your web audit report.

Will you make the fixes for me?

No. We only do actual web development for the larger EthicallyMAD projects and partnerships. However, we can make recommendations if you are in need of someone good to do the work for you. If you want we can organize a quote for you, or feel free to make the changes yourself, or use your preferred developer/web agency.

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Leon has an expansive knowledge of on line marketing that he shares freely. He has a fine ability to express concepts in ways that are understandable. He shares in such a way that I have been able to relate to my business and issues. His classes are interactive informative and engaging What I have learned will change our business results. Stephen Gully
Bright Track
Bright Track
03:07 05 Jul 18
I have appreciated the depth of Leon’s knowledge that he shares with us in his digital marketing course, along with the humour he brings to the topic. Each week’s class has been very eye opening for me, and has given me plenty of food for thought and concrete steps I can take to improve the digital marketing for my business. Many thanks, Leon!
Amy Weber
Amy Weber
03:42 05 Jul 18
Leon has an incredible digital marketing knowledge and that he delivers in a relevant, easy to understand manner.I’m so grateful for his very logical and well thought out course as it explains all the areas of online marketing I need to know as a business owner that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere and that have frustrated me for a long time.
Rose Aitken
Rose Aitken
06:10 05 Jul 18
I have very much enjoyed Leon’s unique and knowledgeable insights into the world of digital marketing. His classes are full of “aha!” moments that have proven invaluable in my promotional endeavours.
Raeonie Ellery
Raeonie Ellery
19:26 04 Jul 18
Leon is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of web-design and digital marketing. He also has a huge passion for doing things with people and the planet in mind which is a huge bonus! Highly recommended.
Hannah O'Malley
Hannah O’Malley
06:18 28 Jun 18

* To qualify for 300% ROI guarantee you must have at least 3 months of tracking on your website, and be making a minimum of $5,000 profit per month via your site (including tracked offline sales).