Working With Leon

How You Can Work With Leon

Leon mostly focuses on his own companies and projects. However he does speak at a select handful of events and work with a limited number of private clients each year.

Speaking: Presentations can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Fee is $25,000 plus business class travel and accommodation. For longer presentations please send your requirements. Topic and presentation will be tailored to suit your event or company.  Please use the contact us form with details of your requirements to see if your request will be accepted. 

Consulting: A very limited number of hours consulting each month are available. Consulting fees are $750/hr via Skype, or $1,250/hr in person (plus travel costs). There are usually restricted to no more that 15hrs/month due to time restrictions. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Mentoring: Leon will work with a maximum of 5 people each year. Mentoring provides a one hour call twice a month, unlimited email contact and three one day in person meetings (to be held in New Zealand, or via Skype if necessary, unless otherwise agreed). Cost of private mentoring is $50,000/year. Contact to find if there are any free spaces available, or to join the waiting queue.

"With just a 5 minute conversation about your business, Leon Jay can completely deconstruct its strengths and weaknesses and come up with a coherent plan for action to elevate your profits to the next level"

 - Greg